3 Things You Must Know About a Company Before Attending Their Interview

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Things you need to know before an interview
Interview in session
The truth of the matter remaons that Interviewing can be stressful in nature, but careful and strategic preparation are surefire ways to help you feel at ease as you walk into your next interview! The interviewer will know you’re qualified, but by knowing specific information about the company, you will show that you’ll be a motivated and passionate employee. Do your research on these three areas of any company, and you’re sure to impress!
  1. Read about the company’s culture, mission, and values.
Check the company’s website to learn why the company was founded, how they define what they do, and what the mission & values of the organization are. Looking into company’s social media presence will also prove useful, giving you more information about the company culture and more.
  1. Know the names of the company’s founding team members & leadership team
Before your interview, it’s crucial to know the names of the founders & the individuals who hold leadership roles at the company. You can find this information through the company website or LinkedIn. Knowing this information will help you catch the important names if they’re referenced in your interview.
  1. Get informed about recent company news
Most company websites will have a “press” page, where you can read articles and information about current goings-on at the company. Interviewers will be impressed at a candidate that is well versed on the company’s role in the marketplace at large.


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