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Top ways on how to spot fake interviews in Nigeria

One of the greatest pain of job seekers is attending an interview or employment session and then finding out out that the job is fake. You can easily save yourself this stress in this new year if you pay rapt attention to the ways on how to spot fake interviews in Nigeria in the subsequent paragraphs.

Fake Interviews
Fake Job – Anyone can apply

The fake interviews brief

The number of fake jobs interviews (popularly called GNLD) is currently on the high side in Nigeria. This has warranted us to share with you, these life sticking tips to enable you spot a fake job invite even from a distance.
I have seen such a significant number of Job seekers grumbling and deploring their experience in the hands of phony trick organizations who welcome individuals for talk just to acquaint them with counterfeit medication promoting business.

These organizations waste individuals’ time and transport fares going to such fake interviews. Imagine a trickster coercing money from a graduate who have been jobless for a long time, not to talk of the transport fare wasted going, subsequently making their torment times two. The unbeneficial meetings or occupation talks on most times revolve around MLM schemes as they ordinarily call it.

A few people even get cash to pay these sheep in scoundrels, them paradise on earth. Some will disclose to you that you will make a large portion of a million inside 1 month what not. In case you’re not cautious, you will take an advance that you won’t have the capacity to reimburse accordingly causing humiliation and absence of rest of psyche. A jobless individual ought to have just himself to stress over, not having obligations too.
So I trust that in the event that we are appropriately guided, we won’t fall under the control of these tricksters.

Having said that, there are ways by which one can easily recognize a fake job or scam interview and therefore maintain a strategic distance from such exercise which usually ends in futility and money wasted. The good thing is that the greater part of their messages come in a similar manner

You can always visit to see verified job listings in Nigeria.

Be on the lookout for the following to detect fake interviews

  1. The message does not hold up under an organization name

    the majority of these con artists who exclude their names on the message you will get. All you will see are the address, the time and date and a telephone number. A certified organization won’t conceal its personality from a potential representative.

  2. The message will state “talk with/work instructions“

    whatever activity preparation implies I don’t have the tinniest idea!

  3. You will see a code or reference: something like “HR=0056” or “REF=002”

    This means that the code number of the individual who invited you to the “occupational talks”

  4. It will contain a telephone number

    This is the number of your referrer who is always hesitant to give out details of the organization. Rather the person coerces you to attend the interview session

  5. You will see HR Admin in the message and no clue to the name of the organization

  6. They don’t know your name

    This is quite rampant among the phony interview mails as they will recognize you as an applicant who applied somewhere with no leading pointers

  7. Poorly worded emails

    The grammar in some of these phony interviews easily give them out

When not sure

If after checking the boxes above, but your are still left in doubt, you can easily do the following below to verify if the interview is fake or not.

  • Type the organization name and add scam to it on search engines to see if has been previously reported on the internet. For example, on, type “Xyz company scam”. This will return valuable pages to aid your insight.
  • Validate the location: You can also make use of google maps to check if the organization really exists at their specified location. By extension, ask around if there is an organization with the name in the email you received at the specified location. This is actually very important in order not to fall into the hands of kidnappers/thieves.
  • Lastly, but not the least, do ensure to visit nairaland. Most of these phony organizations setting up cam interviews have been exposed there.
  • Whenever you are in doubt of fake interviews, follow your instinct.

Remember that we will all get there, although at different times

The Thinkers Cap

In Conclusion

Also, please, overlook those individuals sharing employment flyers in the city, and those ones they glue on dividers. Those are con artists and a few ritualists as well. And furthermore the greater part of these purported organizations are roads for hoodwinking clueless occupation searchers. Please shine your eyes well as the Lagos people will say.

From research most of these con interviews usually take place in Ogba, Lagos. This does not mean that there are no real jobs in Ogba

I will post the names of some of these phony organizations/offices later.
Please in the event that you have any encounters in the hands of these con artists, sympathetically share it here with the goal that others can learn and maintain a strategic distance from them as well. Have a great year ahead




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